Gobal Motorsports dealership - I bought a Volvo at Gobal Motorsports they lied to me.

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I just lost my father and my little brother and just also went through a terrible divorce.I had nothing left so I went to buy a car and told the salesman that I needed something I could drive for many years and was not very expensive.I told him I just went through all of this and even a bankruptcy. I was so distraught that I believed everything the guy told me I put all my trust in this person thinking he was a good and honest person, a week later the engine light came on the alternator went out and I called him and he said I would have to pay to fix it.I had no money for a lawyer and had to have a car for work.The one thing after another happened everything I had in the bank was gone paying for repairs and I had to move because I could not get the car registered in my county because it would not pass marta.This car deaaleeeership has destroyed my life now the engine has gone out and I just lost 6,000.00 more on getting rid of the loan and now am payinf 20,000.oo for a 13,000.00 car because of a dishonest person.This dealership could of helped me but instead they would not even take my calls and told me it was my problem.I even called Volvo and they said sorry they do stand behind their cars but not that one and they would not help either.Never buy a Volvo.NEVER

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